Isara invests in the food ecosystem, which is undergoing a structural shift accelerated in the UK by the Covid-19 pandemic, Brexit, and a growing commitment to sustainability.

Existing food production and supply chains are inhibited by waste and inefficiency and we seek to play a part in redefining the food production and distribution industries.

Isara Team

A Forward-looking investment approach

We are passionate about driving fundamental change in business through establishing positive and long-term partnerships with companies and their stakeholders. Isara bridges the gaps between traditional Private Equity, Lenders and Corporate acquirers –  opening up situations and opportunities through significant sectoral focus and expertise.

Our flexible investment approach allows us to invest in opportunities where others cannot, as well as enabling us to take a longer-term view than traditional Private Equity investors. Practically, this means Isara can support the capital-intensive projects required to radically improve the food industry that most investors cannot deliver along with flexible funding solutions to match a range of scenarios.

Isara is equipped to support a variety of projects and we welcome the opportunity to support and develop businesses facing unforseen economic difficulties.




Access to significant development and acquisition funding from Sadel Group.



Our flexible investment approach allows us to invest in opportunities where others cannot.

Full Spectrum

Isara considers a range of investment scenarios including non-core carve outs, joint ventures, special situations and traditional buyouts.



Uniquely, Isara can invest into significant capital projects beyond the abilities and appetites of most investors.


Our focus on driving value by making fundamental and sustainable investments and improvements in all of our investments is underpinned by our core values of fairness, clarity and engagement.


We operate as partners to our businesses, management teams and their people. It is vital that we do this respectfully and with a belief in the “right” way of doing business. We only expect of others that which we would expect of ourselves.


We communicate openly, honestly and with purpose to ensure that our activities and involvement with our businesses and people are impactful and understood. We work to deliver alignment for the benefit of all of our portfolio companies’ stakeholders.


We want our businesses and people to aspire to, and deliver, excellence. We are genuine partners in this process, actively participating throughout the journey from pre-investment all the way through to after an exit as we seek to see our companies to continue to grow and thrive.

a flexible fund backed by a committed investor

Isara is backed by the Sadel Group, a private family office that invests and operates in the Real Estate, Cold Storage and Energy sectors, predominantly in the UK.

Sadel is a Luxembourg based family office which focuses on pan-European investments around property, logistics, green energy and the food supply chain. Sadel's primary value creation focus is on driving supply chain security through Automation, Net Zero and Location. Sadel has been active in these markets with over 30 years of experience across numerous investments.


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